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Welcome back to Life on Molly! This month’s post on favorites is going to be a little different in that I am dedicating it completely to a product review of Rodan + Fields!

I was recently approached by a former high school teacher of mine who sells Rodan + Fields and she asked me if I would be interested in testing some sample products and then blogging about my results and opinion of the skincare products?

What is Rodan + Fields?

Rodan + Fields is a multi-level marketing company that specializes in skincare products that are sold by the company’s consultants. I did a little research on the company while writing and I learned that it is created by the same women who made the Proactiv skincare products. If you’re like me you probably have seen their products on Instagram or Facebook because it is being sold by a few people on your friend list.

First Impressions

I’ll be honest when my former teacher approached me with the products, I was skeptical. Which I think is normal for a lot of people to react this way when anyone approaches you about selling products from these kinds of companies. Mostly because I used to work for one (Genesis Pure) in college so I know all about the whole “be your own boss”/network marketing/pyramid scheme or whatever you want to call it types of business models. After talking a bit she had offered me some samples and gave background history on the company and products so I thought what the heck, why not, I’ll try them. Also, I learned from her that these used to be sold in department stores until the owners decided to do the whole multi-level marketing scheme, so I thought that was interesting, and for me, that gave them a lot more credibility than I was giving them before. Just because there are so many of these brands now that sometimes it is hard to trust which ones to try and which ones not to. It also gave me a little faith when I saw that people were comparing it to other really good brands, such as Kiehl’s.

Products I Used

In the mornings: ENHANCEMENTS: Micro-Dermabrasion

In the evenings: REDEFINE: Night Renewing Serum & REDEFINE: Lip Renewing Serum

I used these products for about 6 days total, but I only did them every other day. I think they are only to be used 2-3 times a week because this is kind of a facial type of regimen.


Day One.

The ENHANCEMENTS: Micro-Dermabrasion is similar to a facial scrub. It smells amazing, but it does go on a little rough for me because I have very sensitive skin. So I mixed a little water with it and it made it softer to put on my face. It made my face sooo soft. I can’t even explain it. It wasn’t like the clean smooth that you get from any cleanser. It was super refreshing and my skin felt like silk, it made it the softest it has been in a long time. Another thing I noticed was that it hydrated my skin as well. It wasn’t drying out my skin like many facial scrubs or deep cleansers do which was a nice change to have in a skin product.

The REDEFINE: Night Renewing Serum and the REDEFINE: Lip Renewing Serum were also very great to put on before bed. I would usually just splash some clean water on my face, dry it, then apply the Night Renewing products, skincareSerum and the lip serum. These were both really awesome for moisturizing and keeping my skin fresh during the night. I don’t have much to say about these products except for they also made my skin unbelievably soft and they were hydrating.

My Overall Opinion and Results:

Overall, I really did like the products that I tested. While using them I had really soft skin and I could tell that the products were working to take off the dead skin cells and repair the other cells. My skin felt really refreshed and healthy. Another bonus to these products is that a little goes a long way. I could get like 2-3 washes out of just one of the little packets of the micro-dermabrasion. For the Night Renewing Serum, I could get two uses out of the little blue pods that the product comes in and 3 uses for the lip renewing serum pods.

One downfall that is probably the most common when referring to these products is that they are expensive. However, I think it would be worth the investment if you could afford it just because I saw so many changes in my skin just after using them for so little time. I didn’t take before and after photos because the changes I noticed weren’t really visible yet, it was mostly in the texture of my skin, but obviously if you chose to use them long term I think you would see differences in your skin’s overall look and tone.

Thank you for reading! Have you ever tried Rodan +Fields? What did you think of the products?! Comment below!

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