Hey pals! My followers have jumped up a lot this week on my blog and social media so I wanted to write a post so that you’ll know a little more about me. Welcome to my blog!☺️

A Few Facts:

+My degree is in Political Science and I have a minor in Spanish. 📚🏆👩🏼‍⚖️
+I started taking Spanish classes when I was 13 (2 yrs in jr. high, 3 yrs in high school, 3 yrs in university)
+ I want to work at a non profit geared towards sustainability &a the environment, specifically water issues. 🌎💧
+ I am a Boston Red Sox fan
+ I can’t whistle
+ I currently am living in Spain until I figure out what my next step is 📍🇪🇸
+ My middle name is Elizabeth
+ I speak English & Spanish and I am trying to learn Portuguese 🇵🇹
+ I am the youngest of three siblings 👶🏼
+ I’m an Aquarius
+ I’m a good listener (as I’m told)
+ Top place on my travel bucket list? ANTARCTICA.❄️🌊
+ Winter is my favorite season. I love the cold. 🌬❄️
+ I was raised Roman Catholic. I don’t practice currently but I wouldn’t choose to be anything different 🙏🏻
+ I love wine. 🍷🍷🍷
+ I’ll be a friend to anyone as long as they respect me.
+ I intend to see the positive in everything and trust that everything happens for a reason bigger than we can imagine. 🔮💫

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has subscribed to me on social media and on here! You’re support is very much appreciated and it helps keep me going on the hard days. I love doing this and I am happy that my readers are enjoying the content!
Side Note: I got my new portrait photos yesterday by Ashley Maree Photography ❤️😘 She’s the best and does a great job at capturing the spirit and happiness in people. Book her soon! 📸

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