A Fall Weekend in Ribadeo, Galicia

Shortly after my return to Spain, I made a trip up to Ribadeo with my host family. Ribadeo is a small port village on the Cantabrian Sea in Northern Galicia. Although it is said the best time to visit Ribadeo is in the summer, I appreciated the colder autumn weather accompanied by the green, rolling hills, cloudy skies over the sea, and steep coastlines. Another great characteristic of Ribadeo is that on the other side of the bay is the Autonomous Region of Asturias making it a great spot to visit if you are looking to explore a little bit of Asturias as well.


Ribadeo is filled with many great seafood restaurants, bars, local shops, and great sights. One of them that I got to visit was the famous “Praia das Catedrais.” The beach is well-known for it’s enormous arches that resemble the inside of a church and it is truly an awe-inspiring place visit. The formations of the rock are a curious reminder of how amazing the planet and it’s natural forces are. 

Another great place I visited was the “Faro de Illa Plancha” on the outskirts of Ribadeo. The views were amazing! It was a very cloudy, dark, and cold day but it was the perfect weather for exploring this little island because with the huge waves of the Cantabrian Sea it gave a very mysterious vibe and created one of those settings where you realize how big this world really is.

Thank you guys as always for reading! ♥ Molly

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