My time in Spain is quickly coming to an end for this year so I wanted to take a least one short and cheap trip before I head back to the U.S. Most places in Spain that I was interested in were too expensive with summer being the high season, so I turned my focus to Portugal and came across Aveiro.

Aveiro, Portugal is said to be “La venecia de portugal” or the Venice of Portugal because of it’s small canals that are connected throughout the city center and the “barcos moliceiros.” While, I haven’t been to the real Venice, I fell in love with the Portuguese version. Aveiro is a small, coastal city set in the Aveiro estuary which is famous for its very salty waters and streets full of vibrant colors. The vast salt water lagoons make it ideal for the collection of natural, fresh sea salts.

Aveiro is famous for its production of artisan sea salts that you can buy in many different local, Portuguese shops throughout the city. The area is also known for seaweed harvesting, of which the “barcos moliceiros” were used in the collection of seaweed by local workers.


Also to see in Aveiro is Costa Nova and Praia de Barra. Costa Nova is popular for it’s brightly colored, candy-striped houses that line the neighborhoods. Barra is your typical surfers beach full of local cafes, bars, and restaurants. You will also be able to find many shops in the area and the huge Faro de Aveiro (Aveiro Lighthouse).


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