One of my favorite things since being abroad is traveling around Spain and visiting all of the different autonomous communities. If you have traveled around Spain before you know that each region could very well be its own country. The regions are so different and unique in ways that make them stand out to anyone who is paying attention. One region of Spain that I had been anticipating on traveling to was Andalucía, the Southern part of Spain. It was a trip that I had wanted to do with a lot of time because the region is large and there are many cities to see.

My next series of posts will be for each city that I visited in the South. Let me just say that I have been really putting off writing about my time in Andalucía because I honestly don’t know if I can do it justice in writing. Before going, I was feeling very sad, lost, and was in desperate need of some “soul searching” …and this trip was exactly what I needed.

Soaking Up Seville, Spain

After spending weeks in the gloomy and rainy Galician climate, I was ready to escape to the sunny South. The first stop on my adventure was Seville, Spain. Seville was everything that younger Molly (before coming to Spain for the first time) imagined Spain to be. As the Spanish would say “es una pasada,” meaning its outstanding and completely great.  

Every corner of the city is aesthetically pleasing, the colors are bright, the food is delicious, the people are beautiful, and it contains everything that is so stereotypical Spanish–flamenco, bullfighting, wine, oranges, sunshine… well, you get it. For me, Seville was more Spanish than Madrid or Barcelona, because despite the tourism that has been flooding it over the past years, it still feels wildly authentic.

Get Lost in the Tiny Streets of Old Town Seville

As on most of my trips, my favorite thing to do is simply wander the streets to what hidden gems I can find. I’m not one for super touristy places so I enjoy just walking around and taking photos of architecture and Seville definitely delivered.

Seville is a big city but the center is fairly small and walk-able, like most of Spain. This makes it easy to visit all of the sights. However, if you’re short on time, I would recommend taking a walking tour because they will get you to all of the main sites in half a day. Both hostels I stayed in collaborated with free walking tours so take advantage if it is offered!

Okay, so there are some touristy places I recommend to check out…


Every city in Spain has a Plaza de Espana, but none of them match up to this one. Oh, and it was featured in Star Wars, don’t ask me which one.


One of the most charming parts about Southern Spain is that much of the architecture is influenced by ancient Moorish culture. The Real Alcazar is an old Moorish palace that sits in the center of Seville. The inside of palace is absolutely breathtaking and every inch of the walls are filled with tiny details that tell their own story. The palace also has vast gardens that are great to take a long walk in and very peaceful for journaling or reading a book.


The impressive Seville Cathedral bell tower that is hard to miss and you don’t have to go inside to be completely awed by its beauty. I recommend going at night, because with the golden lights and the dark sky it is absolutely magical.

Entrance Yourself with some Flamenco

Flamenco is super powerful. I was completely mesmerized watching the artists perform. The traditional music and dance combination is powerful and emotional; going to a show is must when in Southern Spain.

My Secret to a Great Trip

Finally, what made Seville (and all of Andalucía) special for me was the people that I met. I’ve said it before in my 23 Things Living Abroad Has Taught Me  is that the best part about traveling is the people you meet. This is one of the biggest perks for me when traveling solo because not only do I get to do what I want, when I want, but I always come across the most amazing people. That’s what made this trip the most special for me. I met so many people that inspired me in different ways. It is absolutely awesome meeting adventurers from all over the world that eventually become friends that last a lifetime. I love listening to their stories; why they are traveling, where they have been, and where they want to go next. They all have a story to tell and sometimes it just takes someone willing to listen.

Seville has so much to offer that I can’t even begin to describe it all in this blog post, so if you’re heading to Spain definitely take the trip to check it out to see it for yourself.

Where I Stayed:

Black Swan Hostel

  • If you have the money, this one is worth the extra splurge. There is a great environment, it’s big, and everything is very new and well taken care of.

Hostel Trotamundos

  • The best part about this hostel was the people that I met and it is a good option if you are literally keeping it as cheap as possible. It wasn’t the cleanest, but hey, don’t stay in a hostel if you want everything to be perfect.

For more information on Seville, check out this website.  

Thank you for reading! ♥ Molly

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